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Join Personal Forex Comunity

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Get the Personal Forex Trading Advice from the expert-Sir Michael Malcolm Walker

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Does one need a Foreign Tax Clearance Certificate for investing in foreign currency?

According to Nedbank it's required:
The South African Reserve Bank allows South Africans over the age of 18 to invest in foreign currency as follows:
R1 million a year in terms of a single discretionary allowance – you will not need a Tax Compliance Status Pin Letter (formerly known as a tax clearance certificate).
Up to an additional R10 million a year in terms of a foreign investment – you will need a Tax Compliance Status Pin Letter (formerly known as a tax clearance certificate).
Is this correct? I thought it was only for when sending funds offshore?
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Where can a person learn forex trade from A to Z online?

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Where can a person learn forex trade from A to Z online?

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Where can a person learn forex trade from A to Z online?

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Since their support bot can't help, and I can't speak to a real person, can someone help determine my current leverage on

Unlike Oanda, I was not asked or am able to intuitively see what my current leverage is.
Can anyone who uses help guide a bit?
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I am currently selling a professional forex course which I purchased for half price. This course teaches those with no forex knowledge the basics along with advanced strategies to enter the market and be profitable. If you are interested, leave me a DM or comment below.
I have attached images showing the course content and a screenshot of my personal forex trading journal.
Personal Forex Trading Journal
Forex course content
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Does studying and passing the CFA exams also provide you with extensive knowledge that can be applied to personal stock investing or forex trading?

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How can Trading forex impact a person?

Does this change a person regardless of outcome? From a mental aspect?
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For A Successful Forex Trading Act Like A Successful Person

For A Successful Forex Trading Act Like A Successful Person
For a successful forex trading, all you need is a smarter mind and proper research. You must have a mindset to adapt to both profit and loss.
forex trading
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Stocks or Forex based on personality

I’ve been looking into stocks and forex and I’d say I like the look of forex because its more short term trading and less capital is needed.
I know Forex is different than gambling but it has some similar aspects. It’s either a sudden win or sudden loss, and you don’t always win you’re going to lose as well. Obviously successful traders have got strategy’s that win a lot more than lose.
Now I’ve always hated gambling, I tried it and it just gave me anxiety due to the sudden rush you get from it and I got anxiety because of it due to being worried that I’d get addicted as that shit can ruin people’s lives.
Now can someone help me to figure out if forex is for me or not based on personality and things. Like what kind of personality characteristics make a good trader and what characteristics make a bad trader.
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All roads lead to same destination. But what is your way of doing it? Choose the one which suits to your personality. #FX #daytrading #rangetrading #pricecation #forex #scalping #trendtrading #tips #wetalktrade

All roads lead to same destination. But what is your way of doing it? Choose the one which suits to your personality. #FX #daytrading #rangetrading #pricecation #forex #scalping #trendtrading #tips #wetalktrade submitted by Wetalktrade to u/Wetalktrade [link] [comments]

What personality type is best for succeeding in forex trading?

Do you have any tips for keeping sane and focused? I have a relative who has started forex trading recently and has become silent over the past few weeks and if I talk to him, he is stressed and/or seems depressed. Forex seems to be consuming his life. How have you managed to find a balance ?
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what is the most personally transformative forex book of books you’ve found or heard of?

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Unathi Kwaza RT from Wendy Knowler: FCSA warning re scam forex trader “Michael Curter”; he of the Facebook ads. “Always check that a person is registered with the FSCA..and for what category of advice. Some are registered to advise on a low risk product but offer services of a far more complex a...

Unathi Kwaza RT from Wendy Knowler: FCSA warning re scam forex trader “Michael Curter”; he of the Facebook ads. “Always check that a person is registered with the FSCA..and for what category of advice. Some are registered to advise on a low risk product but offer services of a far more complex a... submitted by TweetArchiveBot to LibertyRSA [link] [comments]

does anyone knows a person who actually succeed in forex trading?

ive been in the industry for almost 4 years and couldn't get the trades right or at least constantly profiting. i know losses are inevitable but whenever i make for eg, 5 dollars the next day ill lose 8-10 dollars. also, my strategies atm are bbma and snr
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Nitesh Gupta metworld Trading DMCC causes of Brexit

Britain's beyond differs from that of its eu neighbours. Its position as an unconquered island nation, an extended way of life of parliamentary democracy and an ingrained appropriate sense that in the long run it is able to be searching after itself, represents it out from a few other european nations. It became not that sympathetic to the european best. It joined in 1973, alternatively because there failed to look like any additional preference than enrolling in the subsequent a whole lot greater wealthy Western ecu democracies. it is also true that for years, the British political magnificence as well as press performed an anti ecu sport, wherein made up debts at the horrors of the ecu have been plastered across the front pages of tabloid newspapers. The drip drip effect of 40 years of horrific press insurance become tough to reverse in a 4 month referendum campaign. Britain isn't the simplest european nation in which politicians agree one aspect in Brussels, then pass domestic as well as blame Brussels for the selection. but in Britain the sport become played with an awful lot extra intensity and on a larger scale than in a few different states.
a much extra latest distinct British act, that also had a significant element to have amusing inside the referendum impact, become the 2003 judgement of the Blair federal authorities to permit total independence of movement rights to each of the 2004 accession states. Being a outcome, on one January 2004, whole loose movement changed into prolonged via the United Kingdom (as well as ireland) to every of the ten accession states, from eastern and important Europe, the Baltic States, Malta and Cyprus. Their Treaty rights to droop complete unfastened motion of employees for 7 seasons turned into maintained through all the other Western ecu Member States besides Sweden. As the United Kingdom, Sweden and ireland had been the most effective 3 states which supplied entire loose campaign the amount of individuals looking for work within the united kingdom from the Baltic and CEE states surged. obviously, it became a British choice now not to exercise their Treaty rights to constrain free motion. although, in the ecu Referendum plan it wasn't hard for the go away campaigners to pin the surge of personnel into the UK, on the european, in place of the British government.
This particular inflow became bolstered through the monetary issues. because the Eurozone failed to provide development across its nineteen participants, in addition to the financial system of debtor nations contracted sharply, a long way more folks arrived from southern eire and Europe. The British financial system speedy righted itself after the troubles, as the UK was in have an effect on of the personal forex of its, and debt and may set up good monetary stabilizers. however, London then really located that because of the Eurozone's dependency to fiscally strict financial guidelines, the United Kingdom changed into additionally performing because the employment shock absorber for Frankfurt.
The massive quantity of individuals shifting to the United Kingdom from the CEE states, and additionally from southern Europe appears to had been a big factor in turning the go away vote. it's obvious, in regions of the land, inclusive of London as well as the principle cities, in which there had lengthy been overseas groups, the British had been lots extra calm about immigration and voted greatly to remain in the Union. nonetheless, in areas of the kingdom which had just currently visible a surge of absolutely new remote places employees, they voted significantly to depart. The depart vote likewise surged in additives of the nation wherein there has been very small new or maybe ancient immigration, but where voters feared that immigration may ultimately arrive within the neighbourhoods of theirs.
consequently even those exclusively British reasons of the referendum virtually leave vote had been greatly affected by european actions and developments.
additionally, there are a diffusion of usual concerns, anger and issues approximately the european Union across the continent and that within the united kingdom reinforced the leave vote.
in all likelihood the most important is truely the malfunction of the Eurozone to occasionally reform itself so it's the identical capability as a few other sovereign issuer of currency to pool debt, as well as supply monetary stabilisers and the transfers to perform a unmarried forex region. Or perhaps organise a gentle Euro go out software for the states with whom Germany mainly is not equipped to pool fiscal switch rules and money owed. The' kicking the can' down the road with sovereign and bank account debt, mixed with endless monetary contraction rules imposed by means of Frankfurt in addition to Brussels have tremendously undermined assistance for the Union, and now not only inside the united kingdom
Technically of path, one may additionally say that the United Kingdom isn't a fellow member of the Eurozone and therefore of what rely is it to London? nevertheless, as defined above, very adverse monetary regulations in Brussels and Frankfurt, have a direct impact on the UK, flooding Britain with even greater parents searching for paintings. similarly it brings down the really worth of the single industry to the United Kingdom, as Eurozone financial rigidity squeezes monetary development.
much extra broadly, the sight of satisfied european state states remaining problem to monetary policies that beaten the financial possibilities of theirs and blighted a technology did not move down properly in London. watching it economically illiterate drama over plenty of the previous decade, and the harmful economic effects of its has appreciably impaired the legitimacy of the entire european undertaking. A full-size portion of the British organisation and intellectual sessions, who were glaringly seasoned-eu, started rethinking the guide of theirs for the Union.
This very same exercise of euro de-legitimization of the european is additionally underway across the continent. This ranges from nationalists from the French the front national, to the Italian 5 famous person movement along side German ADF producing increasing political assist at the rear of the Eurozone's problems to an emptying of organization and intellectual assistance for the Union.
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Which card is best for traveling abroad? Debit card, credit card, Forex card. And how can an ordinary person get a Forex card?

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I've been going through a lot in life lately, I've had personal troubles and have anxiety at times. I'm 18 and want to learn to make money off forex. Can anyone help me start somewhere? I'm fed up with the bs in life and want a better life for myself. Thanks..

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noob question here! Curious about Forex career prospects

Not in day trading (though that would be awesome), but in a banking or government setting.
I am working toward a major in philosophy and I am enjoying learning about forex economics to the point where I am considering minoring in Econ.
Philosophy is at its most basic: a search for and analysis of truth (or whatever you want to apply it to) and it has a lot of free electives. My question(s)...
Would a philosophy majoeconomics minor grad be able to find work in Forex in banking or government?
Do I need hard banking/stock trading experience, Would my personal Forex trading experience help and how much?
What would the career path be ideally, entry level to the top, and what is the top?
I checked all the usual career sites but they are pretty light on Forex Trading, compared to say lawyers and doctors.
This is a great thread and community thanks in advance for whatever answers I get, even if they are not what I want to hear, bring it on!
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REVEALED: My Personal Trading Process (and... how YOU can ... Forex Trading With TRADERA  My Personal Experience ... Cue Banks Celebrates Personal Goals  Forex Trading ... Cash Forex Group - Personal Matching Bonus (English) - YouTube Ten Tips for BEGINNER FOREX TRADERS! - YouTube FOREX AND THIS ONE THING YOU NEED WITH IT ?  FOREX TRADER ... Simplifying Forex & Personal Finance with Nomad Finance ...

Es geht auch um die Einlagensicherung, ausreichend Personal, eine solide und sichere Handelsplattform und vieles mehr. Weitere wichtige Punkte wären unter anderem: Eignung von Anlageempfehlungen müssen beachtet werden – der Forex Broker darf einem unerfahrenen und finanziell dünn aufgestellten Anleger keine hochriskanten Anlagen empfehlen; Anlageempfehlungen müssen immer zu den ... Phillip offers forex trading of over 40 currency pairs, including currency majors such as US dollar (USD), euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), and British pound (GBP). Customers can trade these currency pairs using the award-winning Phillip Metatrader 5 (MT5) platform, which comes with ZERO commissions and spreads as low as 0.6 pips. Lower upfront cost … Personal; Nedbank Money (Africa) App Online Banking Bank ... Forex Tools and Guidance Send Money Travel We take care of all your foreign exchange currency needs when you are travelling abroad. ... Forex trading requires putting together multiple factors to formulate a trading strategy that works for you. There are countless strategies that can be followed, however, understanding and being ... ‘My Personal Forex Trading Plan’ is one of a small number of trading books from which one can actually learn a complete Forex trading strategy as a systematic process from beginning to end. This book is as straight forward as can be. Each short chapter is a standalone trading concept and the last chapter ‘Putting it all together’ outlines a complete Forex trading plan of action ... Forex Trading can be simple, and Personal Finance doesn’t need to be complex. forex trading. personal finance . How I Can Help You! Forex Trading . Forex trading is more than just having a good trading strategy. As a result, I will teach you forex key concepts, help you to master your trading psychology, and build the desired trading confidence to ease the complexity of trading. Forex is ... From Currency Buying Rate Selling Rate Value Date; OMR: 1: 1: 10 Nov 2020; AED: 0.1043: 0.1054: 10 Nov 2020; AUD: 0.277: 0.28394: 10 Nov 2020; BDT: 0.00448: 0.0046 ...

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REVEALED: My Personal Trading Process (and... how YOU can ...

Cash Forex Group - Personal Matching Bonus (English) The Personal Matching Bonus relates to the Bull Capital, so it is only relevant to Team Builders. It is ... Donate to Make A Wish -- Official TTC Merch: EAP Training Program - Pro Trader Report - ... Tradera provides resources for beginners to learn how to trade, but also make money at the same time. As more & more people are hearing about Tradera, they w... Glad this video helped, no more products for sale no more courses either, study the videos they will teach you everything you need to become a 6 and 7 figure... Here it is, Episode 4 of Simply Finance TV! In this episode, we’re joined by Nikki Jurado or best known as Nomad Finance Girl @hellonfg. She discusses the ba... Hey everyone! This is a video that I feel like all beginner forex traders to take into account when starting their forex journey. If you would like to join m... In this video, Cue Banks pops one for achieving his personal goals and motivates others to reach success too. “Most of the important things in the world have...